How to reduce your carbon footprint through your diet

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Reduce your carbon footprint through your diet

Recent research has shown that food systems are responsible for a third of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. Even if the world stopped burning fossil fuels immediately, emissions from the global food system could still cause global temperatures to go over the 1.5℃ warming threshold.

Cutting out meat is a well-known way to reduce your carbon footprint, but there are a few other ways to tweak your grocery list to cut down on emissions. This handy grid demonstrates which foods are the worst culprits, and which are kinder to the planet.

Graph demonstrating Co2 produced by different food sources
  • Pork is five times more polluting than tofu
  • Lamb is 25 times more polluting than tofu
  • Milk is five times as polluting as oat drink
  • Cheese is four times as polluting as vegan cheese
  • Lettuce grown conventionally is 12 times as polluting as lettuce grown locally

While researchers say some of the ways to reduce emissions is to focus on a plant-based diet and buy locally, at Farmers Markets, for example, the biggest reductions came from – you guessed it – cutting down on meat and dairy.

Did you know?
Although our oceans cover more than 70 per cent of the earth’s surface, less than five per cent of the planet’s oceans have been explored.

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