Five must-listen sustainable podcasts

At Pure Planet Club we love listening to podcasts when we’re out walking, relaxing in the bath or just cleaning the house! Here are five of our favourite podcasts to help you stay up to date with the latest environmental issues and learn how to live a more sustainable life.

1 - Low Tox Life Podcast 
Hosted by Alexx Stuart, the Low Tox Life Podcast covers a range of topics including sleeping habits, the food we eat, future-steading, climate change, psychological wellness, and how humble toilet paper can change the world. This podcast is super informative and covers lots of intriguing topics.

2 - Ocean Protect Podcast
The health of our oceans is under major threat. Every week, Jeremy Brown (co-founder of Ocean Protect) and Brad Dalrymple (Environmental Engineer with Ocean Protect) host a variety of guests on Ocean Protect Podcast, including scientists, educators, activists, and politicians – to discuss the key issues affecting the health of our oceans – and what can be done about it. This podcast is for anyone interested in learning more about the health of our oceans and the potential solutions.

3 - The Slow Home Podcast
Host of the Slow Home Podcast, Brooke McAlary, is a slow living expert and her podcast features a wide range of topics including zero-waste family life, permaculture, reducing waste and minimalization. Listened to more than 8 million times and featuring more than 300 episodes, The Slow Home Podcast is one of Australia’s longest-running health podcasts and is perfect for people who are interested in slowing down, opting out and living with less.

4 - Ocean Impact
This podcast follows Ocean Impact co-founders Tim Silverwood and Nick Chiarelli on a ‘journey of discovery’ as they launch Ocean Impact Organisation and pursue their mission to ‘create an abundant and sustainable ocean through inspiration, innovation, leadership, and good business’. Their guests are diverse, eclectic and knowledgeable, covering topics including being an ‘impact entrepreneur’, saving the coral reefs and seaweed cultivation.

5 - Science Weekly – The Guardian
The Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast explores some of the most crucial scientific questions posed by readers, and is hosted by Ian Sample, Hannah Devlin and Nicola Davis, as well as the Guardian's health editor Sarah Boseley. Recent topics include ‘Can we really solve the climate crisis by planting trees’ and ‘Jaws made us scared of sharks but is a lack of sharks scarier.’

Happy listening!