Celebrate Earth Day this April

Welcome to our April newsletter!

Recently on the blog, we shared five good news ocean stories, from the recent surge in numbers of humpback whales, to the creation of illuminated fishing nets which are saving marine life. We also look at the pros and cons of bamboo versus recycled toilet paper, to find out more read our article here.

Celebrate Earth Day this April

This month more than a billion people worldwide will be celebrating Earth Day, which is on Friday April 22. This year’s theme is ‘Invest in Our Planet’, and individuals, community groups and corporations alike are being encouraged to join in partnership for the planet, because a green future is a prosperous future. There are dozens of ways you can participate, including joining a clean-up, planting a forest with the Canopy Project, or signing a petition. Visit earthday.org/take-action-now to find out more.

Our good friends at Sea Hugger have an amazing set of resources to help children understand more about the ocean and what we can do to protect it. They’re now offering a free program called ‘Camp Sea Hugger at Home’, with activities and learning resources for kids of all ages. Here are five fun activities to try with your child:

1 - Go on a virtual field trip
Visit the tide pools or explore the beaches and learn how to deal with Sneaker Waves, deal with litter and the best way to picnic. 

2 - DIY Beach Clean-up
Learn how to go on a safe beach (or river, park or lake) clean-up. It’s a fun family activity to try together, and helps educate children about the importance of caring for the oceans.

Children collecting plastic debris from sand

3 - Make some cool bookmarks
Get creative with origami and make some awesome shark bookmarks together with this handy shark corner bookmark tutorial.

4 - Print out a colouring book
Get access to a free downloadable animal colouring-in book, visit here for your copy - seahugger.org/color

Group of children colouring in

5 -Try "Ocean Animal Yoga"
Stretch out and get silly with sea creature yoga, a great activity for the whole family as you stretch, learn and unwind together, perfect for days when you’re stuck indoors.

“Like music or art, love of nature is a common language that can transcend political and social boundaries”

– Jimmy Carter

Thanks for keeping our oceans clean and forests green!
Pure Planet Club Team