5 easy ways to go green at work

Welcome to our February newsletter. We hope your year is off to a good start. If you’ve been busy decluttering and making space in your home, we have some great tips on Eco-friendly ways to organise your home that won’t cost the earth. 
As we look forward to a fresh, shiny New Year, we also take a look at some of the Eco-friendly trends for 2023, from electric cars going mainstream to green cities around the globe. 
With the holidays over and most of us back in the swing of it in the workplace, we thought we’d share some ideas for greening up your office.
5 easy ways to go green at work

1 - BYO food and drink bottles
 Bring your own lunch to work in reusable containers, as well as reusable water bottles and mugs. You’ll save time and money and drinking from a mug is nicer than a plastic container anyway.
2 - Upcycle older equipment  
Whenever equipment such as computers or printers get upgraded, see if you can donate older items on. You can also re-use paper that’s only been used on one side to jot down reminders, or for drawing and colouring if you have little ones.
3 - Lobby for more eco-friendly materials and products 
From using energy-saving lights to installing recycling stations, there are heaps of ways to create a more eco-conscious office environment. Upgrade your office loo roll to our Eco-friendly toilet paper. Choose from Bamboo and Recycled toilet paper, and save 10% with a subscription. You’ll never run out again!
4 - Green up your desk with plants
Swap out plastic plants for real ones throughout your indoor working spaces. Plants store carbon, acting as natural filters for the air, as well as creating a more peaceful and enjoyable working environment. Consider doing plant swaps at work and sharing cuttings with your co-workers.
5 - Change your commute 
Using public transport saves money, especially with the rising cost of fuel currently. Consider also walking or cycling on fine days, or carpooling with colleagues. 
To leave the world better than you found it, sometimes you have to pick up other people’s trash.” – Bill Nye.

Thanks for keeping our oceans clean and forests green!
Pure Planet Club Team