Getting the most out of Sundays

Self care isn't selfish.

Taking time for myself with a busy schedule juggling study, work, friendship, family and health gets increasingly challenging for all of us as we grow. This is why I find so much value in a Sunday Reset.
Sundays present the perfect opportunities for rejuvenation of the mind and body in preparation for the week to come. Whether you're a morning person or enjoy resting on your Sundays, try a self care filled Sunday following these steps. 

My perfect Sunday Reset Routine: 

Wake up slow. 
It's important to take time to feel reseted. Don’t put pressure on yourself to achieve goals today, instead think of Sundays as a day that serves your mental and physical well being.

Make a cup of herbal tea and a light breakfast. My favourite is the nostalgic pancakes and berries to satisfy my inner child. If you’re wanting a more balanced option, nothing beats the simple and satisfying avo on toast.

Be mindful.
Embrace mindfulness by practising yoga, stretching or meditation. Check out my last blog for how I like to set up my wellbeing spaces to reconnect with nature

Clean your space. 
A clean space allows for a clean mind. I like to listen to my favourite albums on vinyl or try a new podcast while I vacuum, tidy and change my sheets.

The everything shower. 
Possibly the most important part of a Sunday reset is the everything shower. Elliqua cleansing body bars are perfect for bringing the spa experience home. They’re naturally derived and plastic free, with beautiful refreshing fragrances and a creamy luxurious lather. Nothing beats having freshly washed hair to elevate your Sunday Reset. 

Journaling is my favourite way to relive stress from the week. Take the time to reflect on personal achievements, challenges and lessons learned from the week before to identify areas of improvement. This allows you to grow and become more satisfied on your wellness journey. Also, take time to organise calendar, plan your workouts and choose recipes for the week. 

The key to a successful Sunday Reset is understanding your personal goals and what you value most. By identifying your core values, you can create an environment that allows you to fulfil these needs. On this health and wellness journey, I've implemented workout routines, meal prepping and a focus on mindfulness. Sunday resets allow me to reflect on how I'm achieving this goal and how I can better support myself on my wellness journey while also taking time for rest. 

Remember self care isn't selfish.

By Brooke