How I stay connected with nature during the winter

With winter’s cold and wet, it’s difficult to find comfort in the outside world. Some of us often struggle with seasonal blue spells while others (like me) find it hard to see the value of leaving their cosy, perfectly heated homes. 
However, I’ve been on a mission to break the winter curse. As part of my wellness journey, I’ve been challenging myself to spend less time bed rotting and more time in nature. 
I’ve put together my three favourite nature bound activities for the winter. 

Sunday beach days. 

While the weather isn’t quite warm enough for morning swims (or at least for me), getting up early on a Sunday morning has been one of my favourite new activities. There’s nothing like watching the sunrise over the ocean to rejuvenate your spirits, and bring you to a place of gratitude for this incredible natural world. 
I’ve never claimed to be a morning person, and am always in desperate need for a morning coffee to get me through. However, after a walk in my warmest puffer jacket alongside family and friends, I’m left feeling rejuvenated and refreshed for the week ahead. 

Spending 15 mins in the sun

Finding a pocket of sun is often difficult in winter, which is why it’s so important to take advantage when the sun is shining. Whether you’re grabbing a bite to eat on the way to work or on your lunch break, stealing a moment of sunshine uplifts your spirits and provides the perfect dose of vitamin D. I’m a firm believer in the power of the comforting sun on your back to motivate and support you throughout your day.
Set up a wellness space next to a window 

For the days when venturing outside really isn’t an appealing option, setting up your own wellness corner for meditation and yoga is a great way to continue a connection to nature. I like to lay down a yoga mat next to a window, and decorate my space with candles, crystals and plants with my water bottle and cup of tea. 
Youtube is a fantastic source of at home yoga, meditation and breath work practices. Focusing on my breath in a natural space has had a genuinely positive impact on my mind and body. Low intensity movement is great for rainy days when motivations are low, and for lifting spirits and relieving tensions when winter blues starts calling. 

What are our favourite ways to connect with nature during the winter? 
By Brooke