Caretta - 100% Bamboo 3-Ply Toilet Paper


  • 3-ply, tree-free, plastic-free toilet paper
  • Double length roll
  • 300 sheets per roll
  • 36 rolls per box
  • Made from 100% renewable Bamboo
  • Get 10% off if you subscribe to one box or more for the life of your subscription

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If you knew what you were wiping with, you’d think twice.

The choices we make, make a world of difference. Luckily, you don’t have to feel guilty for choosing your own comfort ahead of Mother Earths’. Our flagship 3-Ply Soft 100% renewable bamboo toilet paper combines the wondrous strength and softness of plants, without the cost of flushing away own millions of trees.

Importantly, you won’t be wiping sensitive areas with harmful toxins, formaldehyde and plastics any more. So breathe easy; your loo trips are about to be really special.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

Super soft 3Ply for our more sensitive areas.

If you’ve ever worn any bamboo clothing or underwear, or slept in bamboo bed sheets, you’ll know how good it really is on your skin. It feels silky soft and smooth, it’s super breathable, strong and absorbent. So imagine wiping with 3 layers of it, multiple times a day? The best bit: no trees were sacrificed for this level of comfort.

Plant Power: 100 % renewable and sustainable bamboo.

Trees generously give us oxygen, provide shelter to wildlife and preserve our natural ecosystems. But they also take decades to grow, and approximately 27,000 of them are cut down every single day just to make loo paper. And that sucks.

That’s where bamboo comes in. We use only 100% renewable and sustainably sourced bamboo fibres in each sheet, as well as 100% recycled paper for the core and the outer wrapping. No trees, no worries.

Eco Toilet Paper
Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper

It’s what we don’t have that makes us special.

We wipe our most sensitive and absorbent skin, multiple times a day, with mass-produced supermarket toilet rolls filled with the cheapest and toxin-rich materials. We can do better.

The beauty of bamboo is that it makes it near impossible for harmful bacteria to grow, and doesn’t need complex chemicals to make it safe for use. That’s less chemicals in and on your body, and in the world.

Replenishes supply like magic.

There’s no greater fear than finding out you’ve run out of TP when you’re doing your business. That’s why our Auto-pilot service delivers your Pure Planet Toilet Paper rolls on a schedule of your choosing, and replenishes it automatically. You can pause, skip or cancel anytime.

Toilet Paper Delivery Service

Customer Reviews

Based on 587 reviews
garth s.

Best paper I’ve ever used. It is so much better than anything else on the market.

Jon R.

Best Toilet Paper Ever!

Eileen G.
Excellent Quality Products and Company

We have been ordering from Pure Planet for years. Their toilet paper is excellent quality, and it far surpasses any store bought toilet paper. We appreciate the flexibility with frequency of shipments, and we want to support this environmentally friendly company.

Tess B.
Bamboo toilet paper

Best thing ever! Can’t imagine buying supermarket paper ever again! Thank you ☺️


Good soft and strong