Tips for saving money and going plastic-free this July

Welcome to our July newsletter! We hope all is well in your part of the world. Budgeting and looking for ways to save seems to be top of mind for everyone, so we’ve compiled a list of tips for reducing your energy bill this month on the blog.

As we’ve recently added 100% Recycled Toilet Paper to our range, we thought we’d answer the burning question: ‘What does recycled toilet paper feel like?’ Read more here to how it compares up against bamboo and conventional loo roll.

Take the Plastic-Free July challenge!

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities. Sign up here to take up the challenge and say no to single-use plastic for a whole month – or more! Plastic Free July is a great way to kickstart some new, lifelong habits.

Here are some other ways you can get involved:
  • Have a plastic-free morning tea: Set a date, invite some friends over and enjoy some treats together. Use the occasion as a starting point to chat and share tips, recipes and solutions for going plastic-free. Opt for loose-leaf tea, home-baked goods, bliss balls and delicious dips.

  • Take the Plastic Free Schools challenge: Inspire your school to make a difference with solutions to single-use plastic. School staff, students and parents can all be involved in the global Plastic Free Schools challenge and get involved in a fun and engaging way.

  • Reduce plastic waste at home: Everyone can make a difference and reduce plastic waste at home by properly planning meals, cooking with ingredients on hand (‘shopping’ in the fridge, freezer and pantry), storing and freezing food to make it last longer. This not only saves money and ensures that the most is made of groceries purchased, but also means fewer trips to the store.

“Think about it. Why would you make something that you’re going to use for a few minutes out of a material that’s basically going to last forever, and you’re just going to throw it away. What’s up with that?”
 - Jeb Berrier, Bag It movie.

Thanks for keeping our oceans clean and forests green!
Pure Planet Club Team