Five Ways to Have a Plastic-Free Shop

 The month of June seen us celebrate World Environment Day, World Oceans Day and World Rainforest Day – a wonderful trifecta of awareness about our beautiful planet! As you know, at Pure Planet Club we’re deeply committed to creating plastic and tree-free products, so in our latest blog we share some cool facts about the rainforest as well as 7 ways to support our planet.

Five ways to have a plastic-free supermarket shop

1 - Always bring your own bags.
Keep net, canvas or cotton bags in your car or handbag at all times and avoid buying the reusable plastic bags at the checkout. If you’re really stuck, only buy what you can carry in your hands, or ask for a box to transport your groceries. The delivery boxes which contain our tree-free toilet paper have die-cut handles so they’re perfect for carrying your shopping. Don’t forget to take a pic and use the hashtag #PPCREUSABLEBOX for the chance to be featured on our Instagram.

Girl holding the net bag
2 - Choose products with recyclable packaging.
A huge percentage of groceries come in plastic packaging. Buy pasta in boxes, tinned products and milk in bottles rather than plastic bags or cartons when you can. Avoid fruit and vegetables which have been packaged with plastic wrap and buy loose produce instead.

3 - BYO containers to the shops.
Take your own reusable containers or beeswax wraps to the butchers, bakery, fishmongers and deli, and ask staff to place your food straight into these. You’ll avoid the use of nasties such as cling wrap, plastic and Styrofoam.

voskované ubrousky

4 - Use paper bags for loose items.
When you’re buying loose veggies such as baby spinach leaves or green beans use the paper bags meant for mushrooms or bread rather than the thin single-use plastic bags the supermarket provides.

5 - Join your local co-op.
Co-op stores allow you to buy food in bulk using your own containers. Buy products such as rice, cereals, flour and pasta and stock up your pantry. You can sign up as a member and make big savings too.

free packaging shops

“It’s not just to save forests and wildlife that we’re working but also for our own future – we all need forests, we all need the natural world” – Jane Goodall