The Morning Routine

I was doom-scrolling Instagram reels last night and realised every single one of my videos related to healthy high-protein recipes, skincare or daily routines. While social media is a great source of inspiration, it can often make us feel like we’re not doing enough. The great push to be our best selves in 2024 - and every year before it - is overwhelming at times and deeply motivating at others. I often reflect that I haven’t achieved enough, accomplished all my daily goals and gone above and beyond in my mere 24 hours. In an effort to do better (both within mindset and accomplishments), I’m implementing a new morning routine. 
Here’s what I’ve found has worked so far. 

1. Start your day with a positive affirmation.
Practising wellness starts inside. The way you talk to yourself matters. So start your day practising radical positivity, tell yourself you're worthy, beautiful and strong. It feels silly and awkward at first but trust me, the best thing you can do for your mental well-being is to be kind to yourself. There are heaps of affirmation ideas online, so have a scroll and choose whatever resonates best with you. 

2. Wake Up Early.
Early means different things to different people. I’m not a 5 am girl, but I enjoy waking up an hour or two before my usual slump out of bed. This gives me more time to wake up slowly instead of rushing around the house throwing on clothes and chugging my morning coffee. 

3. Drink Green Tea.
If I wake up early enough, I’ll make a small feast - scrambled eggs, coffee, tea, acai bowl, smoothie… But for consistency's sake, I make sure to include green tea. Ask any instagram health guru, and they’ll preach the benefits of a simple green tea. I enjoy the ritual. 

4. Move Your Body. 
One hour a day of movement is the best therapy. To start this daily ritual try just 15 minutes of yoga flow or light stretching focusing on your breath. If that’s not your niche, try going for a walk to your local coffee shop, or a pilates class or follow a fun dumbbell movement class on YouTube. 

5. Shower and Get Dressed.
Of course, no morning routine is complete without a morning shower. Elliqua Cleansing Body Bars are how I choose to awaken my senses and have a little luxury in my morning routine. 

This routine, like all aspects of the wellness journey, is a work in progress. What is most important isn’t following every step like a strict regimen, but trying to find pockets of positivity and self-improvement in the day-to-day.  

By Brooke