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Bamboo Toilet Paper

Buying eco-friendly products in bulk from Pure Planet Club doesn’t just save you time and money - it also saves our forests, the oceans, our waterways, marine life and wildlife too.

Plastic is destroying our oceans, and damaging marine life and their eco-systems at an alarming rate, while deforestation for mass paper production accounts for an estimated 15% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s scary statistics like this that motivates Pure Planet Club to create natural, organic and environmentally friendly personal care products that impact the world in a positive way. That means no nasties, no plastic, no cruelty.

We’ve reimagined conventional toilet paper, because we found a better way to do it. By making toilet paper from bamboo and sugarcane, our rolls are eco-friendly, vegan and 100% free from paper. Our USDA certified organic lip balms are cruelty-free, made from the purest natural ingredients and packaging is made from 100% uncoated PCW paper that can be recycled or added to your compost.

Better for the environment, better for you

We envisioned a solution that people would feel great about using, so you can have life-changing effects on the planet from the comfort of your own home.
The ideal option for businesses that want to look after their employees, clients and rainforests, buying our products online reduces your impact on the environment. 

When you purchase our products in bulk, you’ll also enjoy savings of 20%. Available on purchases of 10 or more use discount code BULKDISCOUNT20% at checkout (not available on subscription), plus we ship all across Australia free of charge*