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The devastating impact regular toilet tissue has on the environment

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When we discovered the devastating impact the use of toilet paper is having on our planet, we knew that we had to do something about it. We created an eco-friendly alternative. Toilet tissue made from bamboo and sugarcane waste instead of paper. These plants are sustainable options for manufacturing products and we even use the waste material left over from other industries, making the ingredients in our hero product even more of a great alternative.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world with record speeds of 1.2 metres in growth per day. Bamboo can grow to its maximum height in only 4 months in comparison to up to 30 years for trees. Another fun fact about bamboo is that the more it is cut, the more it grows, this makes bamboo the most sustainable option for making eco-friendly toilet tissue. And not to worry, we don’t steal it from pandas, our bamboo comes from sustainable plantations, not from the wild.


deforestation trees lungs of the earth


Did you know that toilet tissue accounts for approximately 15% of our world’s deforestation? That is a huge figure! To put it into perspective, studies now show that our use of toilet tissue has a far greater environmental impact than driving high-fuel-consumption vehicles. The amount of toilet tissue we use could wrap around the Earth every 2 minutes. It could even travel from the Earth to the Sun every 10 days. That’s a crazy amount of paper being used, and it’s coming from our beloved forests.


toilet tissue and the earth

What about recycled toilet tissue you say? While recycled toilet tissue is definitely a better option than toilet tissue made from raw materials, it is very important that you check what percentage of the product is actually recycled. Much of the time it is only a small portion of the product, with the rest containing raw wood material. If you do choose to opt for a recycled paper toilet tissue, ensure it is made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste paper. Post-consumer waste means the pulp has been made with materials that have already been used as a paper product then recycled, this means that no trees are directly cut down to make this product. Standard “Recycled paper’ isn’t actually made from our recyclable waste as many people are lead to believe, but usually virgin timber off cuts directly from trees.  


go paperless tree-free


With more and more organisations going completely paperless, which is a positive step in the right direction, there has become a shortage of recyclable material to use to produce toilet tissue. This has resulted in more virgin wood from our forests being used in production, just to clean our behinds. We want to put a stop to this devastating practice of cutting down trees when there are eco-friendly alternatives available. It’s our mission to provide the world with a more sustainable option.


deforestation devastation


It’s not just the trees in our forests that are negatively impacted by the production and use of regular toilet tissue. Most brands of regular toilet tissue contain fragrances, chemicals and even lotions to make them “super soft”. These additives to the toilet tissue contribute to the negative environmental impact as well. They also come wrapped in plastic which is the most detrimental material on our environment, especially our oceans. The floral prints on the toilet paper contain inks and dyes that are usually filled with chemicals and can be harsh on your delicate areas and our precious eco-systems.

tree-free, plastic-free, recyclable, eco-friendly

The cutting down of our trees has a serious impact on our health, forests are the lungs of the Earth, they help all living beings to breath by providing us oxygen and filtering out toxins from the air. It is estimated that 270,000 trees are chopped down every single day just to make paper. 70% of the world’s plants and animals call the forests their home, which is severely threatened by deforestation on a daily basis, and the animals are directly impacted.


animals orangutang deforestation


Senior Scientist Allen Hershkowitz from the Natural Resources Defence Council says, “This is a product that we use for less than three seconds and the ecological consequences of manufacturing it from trees is enormous.” We are sure that future generations will reflect on our excessive use of paper from healthy trees to create toilet tissue as one of the most wasteful practices of our age. The creation of toilet paper from virgin wood is one of the worst, avoidable processes that contributes to global warming. Our solution: choose tree-free and plastic-free alternatives that have a lower impact on our environment, are sustainable and eco-friendly.



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