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Bamboo: The sustainable alternative to paper

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A common question we hear at Pure Planet is “Why bamboo?”. There are a myriad of reasons as to why we chose bamboo and we are going to share them with you. Bamboo is a more sustainable option than paper when it comes to manufacturing many products and toilet paper is no exception. The fact that 27,000 trees are flushed down the toilet every day is jaw dropping, especially when a more eco-friendly option is so readily available.

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Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and is technically considered a grass rather than a tree. A grass is a plant that grows extremely quickly and regenerates itself, meaning once it is chopped down it regrows. Bamboo can grow at phenomenal speeds, reaching its maximum height in only four months. Bamboo uses less water, generates more oxygen and removes more carbon dioxide from the air than trees, making it the most renewable source of plant-based material available for manufacturing products on earth.


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Bamboo is resistant to pests and does not require any pesticides whatsoever which enables it to be sufficiently grown organically, making it an even safer option for the entire family. Bamboo is tolerant to droughts and can survive in harsh conditions with minimal water. The plant will curl up it’s leaves when it is thirsty, allowing it stay alive by keeping the stalks away from the heat as the leaves prepare to capture the next lot of rain or water. If the leaves remain dry after a few days, they will drop off and self-mulch to reduce the number of leaves that need hydration. What an intielligent plant!


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Growing and harvesting bamboo is sustainable for the Earth for many reasons, one of which we like to highlight is that when bamboo is chopped down, the roots leftover will continuously grow, enabling the plant to be repetitively re-harvested. The more regularly the Bamboo is harvested, the more the health of the plant is encouraged and the quicker it grows.



The popularity of bamboo in consumer products is quickly growing due its environmental sustainability. Bamboo has been used in manufacturing products for many years, but has seen a recent surge in popularity. Bamboo is now being labelled as the solution to the serious issues we are facing surrounding global deforestation. Don’t worry, we don’t steal the bamboo from the pandas, we source our bamboo from ethical plantations so the bamboo growing naturally in the wild is there for those gorgeous pandas to enjoy.


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