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5 must-see documentaries that will open your mind and get you questioning the way we live.

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A Plastic Ocean

a plastic ocean documentary pure planet club


An astonishing documentary that will open your eyes to just how bad the plastic pollution currently is on our planet and the extreme effect it is having on humans, marine life and wild life. The film follows international scientists and researchers around the globe and delves deeply into the devastating levels of plastic pollution in our seas. The documentary discusses solutions and how they can be put into effect to make a difference.

One of the more shocking revelations from this film that is perhaps not as well-known, is the uncovering of evidence that plastics break up into tiny particles (micro-plastics) after they enter the ocean, then they enter our bodies via our food. The plastic particles are consumed by sea life and stored inside their bodily tissues, then consumed by other animals and humans causing an alarming effect to our health.

Cowspiracy documentary pure planet club


This environmental documentary offers a tonne of surprising information to those who have not seen it. This film will really educate you on the impacts that industrial agriculture has on the planet. It highlights the extreme difference when comparing a world with 1 billion humans to a planet with 7 billion humans and shows us how animal agriculture is the most destructive industry on the planet today.

The animal agriculture industry is the leading cause of deforestation, rainforest destruction, the extinction of certain species, destruction of natural habitats, topsoil erosion and global warming. A really interesting aspect of this film is how it highlights the role that power and politics play on the food that ends up on our plates. Cowspiracy is a must-see for everyone, leaving you surprised and educated on topics you may have not even realised were important.

Blue documentary pure planet club


Blue the film is a documentary that is raising awareness of the dire trouble our oceans are in. Blue highlights that in the past 40 years alone we have lost more than half of our marine life on Earth. This film will pull on your heart strings while enlightening you on just how bad human behaviour has impacted our environment. This documentary claims that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish and that we need to act now, there is no more time to waste. Blue brings to light how industrialization has impacted our Earth and our oceans. Blue was released to educate people on the damage our addiction to plastics is causing, from the plain old plastic bag, down to the petrochemicals produced to create them.

Minimalism documentary pure planet club


Minimalism is a documentary about the important things. Its main premise doesn’t really have to do with the environment per se, but adopting the documentary’s principals can have a positive impact on ourselves and our surroundings. Getting back to basics and focusing on the simple things to live a minimalist lifestyle. In order for us to see change from unnecessary waste and the environmental impacts of consumerism we need to give up some things, but the film evidently points out that we may not be giving up anything at all, rather freeing ourselves from possessions that do not serve us. This film will help you look at the world through a different lens and open your mind to the possibility of living a more minimalist lifestyle.

Trashed documentary


Trashed is an environmental documentary that focuses on the heavy impact of humanity’s wasteful consumerism. Trashed looks at how our waste is impacting air pollution, our oceans and our lands and the very serious risk it imposes to the health of humans and all living beings. The film calls for urgent action on our current waste deposits and a fast and drastic decrease in consumption of single use products, plastic and unnecessary items. The film goes on to show how some communities around the world are effectively doing this and highlights the need for consumerism in our culture to slow down if we want to sustain this beautiful planet we live in.


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