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5 Eco-friendly and sustainable household product alternatives

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We have compiled a list of simple alternatives to your regular household items that can be easily switched out to make a huge impact. It's the smallest steps in the right direction that really make a world of difference. By eliminating waste at an individual level, we can all help to make a significant change. 


  1. The Keep Cup

The Keep Cup


Encouraging the use of reusable cups and moving away from the waste caused by single-use, disposable coffee cups, these babies are not just eco-friendly and sustainable, they are cool and fashionable. There are a large range of styles to choose from, and one to suit every style and personality. Australian made and owned, the Keep Cup makes no sacrifices on quality and can expect to last you a very long time. By purchasing a Keep Cup and bringing it along to your favourite café each morning, you can save hundreds to thousands of pieces of waste going to landfill each year, depending on the number of coffees your purchase per day. Some cafés are now even rewarding their customers with discounts for bringing their own cups along.


  1. Life Basics Bamboo & Charcoal Toothbrush

 Life Basics Bamboo and charcoal toothbrush


Did you know that the average person will contribute approximately 300 toothbrushes to landfill over their life time? All those plastic toothbrushes since they were invented, still exist today and are clogging up our landfills and polluting our oceans. Switching your regular plastic toothbrush to an environmentally friendly Bamboo toothbrush is a simple way to reduce your footprint. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing and environmentally sustainable plants on Earth. These babies are biodegradable and come in 100% plastic-free packaging.


  1. Onya Reusable Produce bags 

 onya reusable produce bags bags


Purchasing some good quality reusable produce bags is a great way to avoid single-use plastics. Filling your shopping cart with an abundance of healthy plant foods is a must, but what impact are we having on the environment when we use a single-use plastic bag for this and then toss it in the trash? The effects of these small practises are devastating and destroying our earth and ocean at an alarming rate. Reusable produce bags are a simple and convenient way to carry your fresh fruit and veg from the store to your kitchen. Onya reusable produce bags are made from recycled plastic drink bottles, the mesh design allows your produce to breath and have a longer shelf life than if your fruit and veg is stored in unbreathable, standard plastic produce bags.


  1. Hummingbird Glass Drinking Straws

Hummingbird Glass Drinking Straws

Choosing reusable drinking straws isn’t just great for the environment, it is beneficial for our health as well. Single-use plastic straws can leach harmful chemicals into our bodies, especially when used with warm drinks. Standard plastic straws are not biodegradable, meaning that every single plastic straw used since they were invented back in 1938 is still occupying our planet in some form today, either on the land or in the ocean and waterways. To think that American’s alone dispose of over 500 million straws each and every day, brings you to the realisation that single-use plastic straws are a very big problem, one that we can all put a stop to with the simple solution of buying high quality reusable straws and saying no to plastic straws when offered.


  1. Pure Planet Tree-free, Plastic-Free Toilet Tissue

 Pure Planet Club Tree-free plastic-free toilet tissue


Toilet tissue is a household item that is used multiple times every day, but somehow seems to be forgotten when people decide to reduce their footprint. The truth is, that every time you flush your tissue down the drain, you are killing precious trees and participating in the use of unnecessary plastic consumption. Over 9 million trees are cut down every year to just to wipe our behinds. Pure Planet Club is on a mission to stop the unnecessary deforestation for toilet tissue. Nearly all toilet tissue brands come inside plastic wrapping. Pure Planet Club offers a tree-free and plastic-free solution. The Pure Planet Club toilet tissue is made from renewable sources of bamboo and sugarcane waste, making it the most eco-friendly option available. It is also recyclable to make things ever more desirable about this awesome alternative.


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